About us

Camelot was founded by Łukasz Nawalny in 2005. In 2008, we published a book about the methods of making simple wooden bows entitled „The Mysteries of a Wooden Bow”. In 2009, the bows we displayed at the „Primitive Archery” international forum won the voting for the best traditional bows twice.

Currently, we are running a traditional archery club in Łódź and Łukasz Nawalny who has won the Poland's traditional archery championship twice is the chief club instructor. He won his champion titles using the bows he had produced himself. Additionally, we hold annual International Flight Shooting competitions  www.zawodysportowe.info/FLIGHT

Tratitional archery is not only our work but our passion and way of life as well. That is why whatever we do, we try our utmost to make it as good as possible.


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