Albion SR – static recurve

Inspired by Bear hunting bows from ’50s so called a ‘static recurve’. Reflexed tips in this bow are non-working like in traditional eastern bows instead of working ones in typical recurve bows.
A standard verision will be made with 2 layers of carbon in the core and a tapered carbon inlays in the recurves to increase stiffness.
The distinguishing feature of this bow is silence when shooting and great amount of stability.
Bow will be made in two verisions- with a shelf and in historical style with a simple symetric grip. The shelf won’t be cut exactly to the center of the grip – the arrow will rest about 5mm from the very center. Grip will be shaped to a locator low grip profile.

Draw weight 20 – 50 lb , draw length up to 31”

Standard version – ash limbs , triple carbon core, symetric simple riser without shelf . Price start from 550 euro

Custom exotic wood on limbs + 50 euro

Custom wood on riser  start 100 euro

phenolic riser stabilisation + 80 euro