Modern interpretation of Seljuk bow. This bow is mixed design turkish with mongolian . Central part geometry and grip is  turkish style , sijah shape are exactly  thesame like on our Mongolian TLC only  little shorter. Bow have very high arrow speed , very low handshock and vibrations . Bow length NTN unstrung 55 inch , bowstring length around 127 cm, max draw length 32″ .Reccomended minimum 8 GPP arrow mass.

Price start from 550 euro  

draw weight over 55 lb – price will be calculated individual

Horn effect on belly + 50 euro

Handmade custom painting, true gold decoration – price will be calculated individual

birch bark cover + 50 euro

vertical  phenolic grip stabilisation + 50 euro

stingray arrow pass made as inlay in leather 20 euro

express order –  guaranteed deadline 6 weeks without paintngs , 8 weeks with painting decoration. Cost of this option – 20% order amount

custom thumbring 50 euro , made of stabilised wood or horn