Korean warbow

Korean bow based on early Joseon warbow design – stiff , longer than usual sijah , agresive profile. 53″ ntn 32-33″ max draw length. Draw weight and draw length measured from back of bow. Bow is  made in monolith technology. Usually in limbs on korean bow , wood is 10-15 % of total limb thickness , rest – differend synthetic materials.  Almost all synthetic layers ,including “horn” on belly are tapered for best performance. Belly laminate is not only taperd but also made in convex shape like horn on historical hornbows. What is interesting and unique   – this bow is also tillered – belly material is grinded for proper bend of limbs. We have also  traditional korean cork/leather grip , stingray arrow pass in standard. Max draw weight 60 lb 31″ . Recommended arrow mass 9-10 gpp , minimum 8 GPP arrow mass.


Another our korean model, designed special for very long draws – korean hybrid long. Hybrid becouse this model have best from 2 bows – korean and tatar. Tatar grip technical solutions what make possible narrow arrow pass , tatar kasan what increase energy storage. Korean style comfortable grip , narrow limbs and light semi static sijah.
Bow length 56″. Can be draw to 34″ draw length. Is very smooth – after 31″ draw force go up but there is no hard stack to 34″. Max draw weight 100 lb31″


horn effect +50 euro

birch bark cover + 50 euro

stabilised grip + 50 euro

express order –  guaranteed deadline 6 weeks . Cost of this option – 20% order amount

custom thumbring 50 euro , made of stabilised wood or horn