Korean bows

Korean warbow based on early Joseon warbow design – stiff , longer than usual sijah , agresive profile. 53″ ntn 32″ max draw length. Draw weight and draw length measured from back of bow. Bow is  made in monolith technology. Usually in limbs on korean bow , wood is 10-15 % of total limb thickness , rest – differend synthetic materials.  We have also  traditional korean cork/leather grip , stingray arrow pass in standard. Max draw weight 60 lb 31″ . Recommended arrow mass 9-10 gpp , minimum 8 GPP arrow mass.


Another our korean model, designed special for very long draws – korean hybrid long. Hybrid becouse this model have best from 2 bows – korean and tatar. Tatar grip technical solutions what make possible narrow arrow pass , tatar kasan what increase energy storage. Korean style comfortable grip , narrow limbs and light semi static sijah.
Bow length 56″. Can be draw to 34″ draw length. Is very smooth – after 31″ draw force go up but there is no hard stack to 34″. Max draw weight 100 lb33″


Korean bows in basic version 630 euro

horn effect +60 euro

birch bark cover + 60 euro

stabilised grip + 60 euro

express order –  guaranteed deadline 6 weeks . Cost of this option – 20% order amount

custom thumbring 50 euro , made of stabilised wood or horn