Mongolian TLC / hybrid

Upgraded version of mongolian laminated bow . New TLC (tapered laminate/carbon) solution increase smoothness of draw, shooting comfort and speed of bow. We use in this bow high modulus unidirectional carbon in core on standard version, what is unique in horsebows and tapered belly laminate. Glass is thick on working part of limbs and go thinner on sijah.

Bow in classic shape based on Zaargalant IX century bow . Over 50 lb bows are made in hybrid materials technology – mixed TLC with monolit materials. Hybrid mongolian can be draw to 34″ , TLC  to 32” . Bow length about 60″ ntn , string length about 140 cm.  High arrow speed and arrow mass tolerance. Recommended minimum 9 GPP arrow mass.



Price start from 630 euro  

draw weight over 55 lb – price will be calculated individual

Horn effect on belly + 60 euro

Handmade custom painting, true gold decoration – price will be calculated individual

birch bark cover + 60 euro

vertical  phenolic grip stabilisation + 60 euro

stingray arrow pass made as inlay in leather 25 euro ( 2 sides standard )

leather cover on bow limbs – true thin goat/lamb leather finish traditional with schellac – 90 euro

hornbow style details – high hornbow kasan made of wood + celik made of bone – 90 euro

express order –  guaranteed deadline 6 weeks without paintngs , 8 weeks with painting decoration. Cost of this option – 20% order amount

custom thumbring 50 euro , made of stabilised wood or horn