Shorter version of tatar bow made in glass, carbon , bamboo technology . Bamboo in core is tapered in very unique way for possible best performance and stability of bow. Trapezoid limbs  cross section . Bow is very light and fast , made in only one length – about 54″ , bowstring length about 124 cm . max draw length 30″. Saracen  is very good bow especially in light draws 25 – 40 lb .

Over 40 lb 28″ we recommend hybrid Saracen .  Mixed Saracen multi taper core with monolith materials. Saracen Hybrid limbs are more narrow and thicker. Shape and length is thesame like in standard version. Max draw weight 65 lb , max draw length 32″ .

Recommended minimum 8 GPP arrow mass.


Price start from 630 euro  

draw weight over 55 lb – price will be calculated individual

Horn effect on belly + 60 euro

Handmade custom painting, true gold decoration – price will be calculated individual

birch bark cover + 60 euro

vertical  phenolic grip stabilisation + 60 euro

stingray arrow pass made as inlay in leather 25 euro ( 2 sides standard )

leather cover on bow limbs – true thin goat/lamb leather finish traditional with schellac – 90 euro

hornbow style details – high hornbow kasan made of wood + celik made of bone – 90 euro

express order –  guaranteed deadline 6 weeks without paintngs , 8 weeks with painting decoration. Cost of this option – 20% order amount

custom thumbring 50 euro , made of stabilised wood or horn